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Wholesale PRINTING

Our wholesale program grew from the desire to provide better service, higher quality, and a more trusted vendor relationship. In the beginning of our stationery business, we didn’t print everything ourselves and would outsource anything we couldn’t do. Soon, we began to bring more and more production into the studio so we could oversee the process and production ourselves. Within a few years, we had a full armory of machines printing all of our own projects from start to finish. Then, of course, the question came: were other designers searching for better service and better printing too?

It’s been over 8 years now since we launched Copper Willow into the wholesale production world, and we have just shy of 200 designers that hold print accounts with our studio. We are honored to be trusted with so many projects every year and hold dear the very personal relationships we have with all of the designers who work with our studio. We are always excited to see the creativity and ingenuity from the designers, evident in the projects that pass through our doors.  

+ Included Services:
- File prep for plate orders
- Paper and envelope supply
- Printing and bindery
- Finishing with double counting
- Quality control review
- Packaging and shipping to designer or client

+ Pricing:
-All accounts receive a user-friendly pricing grid
-Custom quoting offered anytime
-Pricing is confidential 

+ Easy Project Submission:
-Submit with a provided print template
-No need for color separation or file prep
-Confirmation and project receipt feedback
-Estimated ship date provided with scheduling

+ Our Communication Values:
-Prompt email and phone communication
-Available for questions and project brainstorming
-Lending our design experience and material sourcing whenever needed

The wholesale production Process

We can usually find most anything and will take the time to do the searching for you. Envelope size and flap shape may vary.

We also work with handmade papers and have experience printing on most of the papers that are out there. Silk and Willow, Idyll, and Share Studios are among the favorites. We have also printed on Fabulous Fancy Pants, Pressed Paper, Farmette, Porridge, Rag Papeterie, and more.

+ Crane
+ Gmund
+ Mohawk
(Curious, Superfine, Keaykolour, Lettra, etc.) 
+ Neenah
(Cotton, Classic Crest, Stardream, etc.)
+ Arturo
+ Aveo
+ Basis
+ Colorplan
+ French
+ Rising
+ Savoy
+ Silk & Willow and other handmades

paper and envelopes SoURCES:

+ Duplexing
+ Corner rounding
+ Scoring
+ Hand deckling
+ Die-cutting
+ Edge painting
+ Hole drilling
+ Cutting
+ Assembly services
(i.e. envelope lining)

Finishing & paper enhancements:

+ Letterpress printing
(ink and blind)
+ Foil stamp printing
+ Embossing
+ Digital foil printing
+ Digital (toner-based) printing
+ Giclee (water-based) printing
+ Guest Addressing
+ Laser cutting/etching


Copper Willow has become a “one stop shop” for print production and finishing techniques. These processes can be completed at the studio typically within 5-10 business days (based on project complexity, count, and materials):

Services and materials

This account does involve the required purchase of our production “kit”. This handy box is full of resources to help translate your work from design to print. In the contents are paper samples, ink and foil swatches, finishing examples, digital test prints, and more. This account also accesses regular material updates, discounted sample printing for semi-custom projects, and ordering bonuses.

Who is this account intended for?
The Premium Account is perfect for designers ready to establish a regular and long-term relationship with a printer. Working with a designer regularly helps us to know their business better. This familiarity also tends to mean a smoother work-flow with less uncertainties. 

Premium Account: 40% off our pricing grid):

There is no investment involved in this account! Simply send in your application with business info and you’re all set.  

Who is this account intended for?
The Standard Account is a good “trial run” account. This a perfect first step for designers looking to move their work to a new printer but not ready to commit without trying out a few projects. This is also a good fit for brand new designers who need some extra hand holding and time to work up to the Premium Account.

Standard Account(30% off our retail pricing GRID):

Any and all designers are welcome to work with us! Our only requirements are a registered business and wholesale resale license. Once those are in-hand, we have two programs to choose from:

The wholesale programs AND application


We love to talk about paper! Contact us any time with supply questions, quote requests, print troubleshooting, and general recommendations.  

Wholesale inquiries are encouraged to set up a phone chat. We love to get to know more about you and your business, what you need to help your business grow, and how we might fill your production offerings.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I supply my own paper?

Yes, for some papers - we have sections in our pricing grid for supplied paper. Please supply 15% overage. Because we can get our hands on most of the paper and envelopes out there, we prefer to supply as much as we can for the ease of scheduling and project flow.

How do your prices compare to others?

Our prices are competitive, but we do factor in all of the extra work we do for our designers from sourcing to file coaching. We are happy to price out sample projects prior to joining our wholesale program.

Can I see your price grid?

We always share our pricing grid and any updates with wholesale account holders. Only designers with a resale license are eligible as we do not provide wholesale pricing direct to end-client. Designers are welcome to mark up our prices as they see fit, so this confidentiality means the end client will not find our prices accidentally on our website. 

What are the account requirements?

All Wholesale accounts are required to hold a current business and resale license to receive discounted pricing and bypass sales tax.

What is the typical production turn around?

Most projects are ready in 7-10 business days. Estimated ship dates are given when a project is submitted for production.

Can I get a quote for my project?

We are happy to quote retail pricing for any print project. Discounts are then applied with a wholesale account.