about copper willow

Copper Willow Paper Studio is a design and artisan print studio. Originally founded by Jill Velez in 2006, the studio focuses entirely on custom social event stationery, business paper goods, as well as retail and wholesale print production.

Copper Willow Paper Studio was established with a small, letterpress line of packaged notes and greeting cards. Soon after, we moved into our first location on a lovely tree-lined street in Culver City, California. As our production expanded, our need for a larger space sent us to the Culver City arts district and then to El Segundo until the start of 2020 when we moved to north Orange County in Los Alamitos.

Our studio now lives in a nearly 3000 square foot office and warehouse with plenty of room for all of our machines! We are pleased to welcome clients into our studio for in-person design consultations. All of our products, including our wholesale production, ship out of this location as well.  

+ Edge painting: Using both spray painted and hand painted techniques, edge painting physically colors the outer edge of the paper.

+ Scoring and hole-drilling: Scoring applies a crease into the paper so it can fold crisply. Hole-drilling is available in sizes ⅛” - ¾”.

+ Deckling: Handmade papers come with natural edges, but a similar look can be achieved with cottons and cardstock. Deckling is the process of hand-tearing paper for that natural-edge look.

+ Duplexing: To achieve a double-thick weight, some papers need a gluing process called "duplexing".

+ Assembly: We offer hand treatments from layering and ribbon tying to liner assembly and invitation stuffing.

Finishing and Accent processes:

+ Letterpress: We own 3 Chandler & Price platen presses and 1 Windmill platen press. Letterpress uses a photopolymer plate and presses the words into the paper for a debossed finish. This print method can press on any kind of paper, performing especially well on cottons, and any thickness, even fabric. Letterpress is on the higher end of the price range.

+ Foil stamping: Our flat-bed foil machine uses heat to transfer an opaque foil material onto paper. Foil can be shiny, metallic, or matte and can print on any weight of paper. Foil makes for great accents and while it does press, it does not press into the paper as deeply as letterpress. Foil printing involves a heavy magnesium plate and foil that comes in rolls. Foil is at the top of the price range.

+ Digital foil: This foil method is also shiny or metallic, but does not have any impression. The process involves printing a design on super smooth paper or cardstock with black toner, then reheating it through our digital foil machine where the foil sticks to the heated toner.  

+ Digital/flat print: Digital print is toner based, and printed with a 4-color, commercial, laser machine. Though limited on paper weight, flat printing allows for the full spectrum of color to be printed all at once. This method is printed with an automated feed which allows for a lower price point.  

+ White digital printing: White is also a toner-based print, but opaque, so it shows up nicely on darker paper colors. Paper weight is also limited but the white print is an affordable alternative to white foil. Personalized printing is also available in both digital and white printing, like guest addressing or seating cards.

+ Die-cutting: Using a letterpress machine, this print method actually cuts shapes out of paper and is used to create custom envelopes and pocketfolds, as well as unique card shapes.

Our studio is also the home to a full production warehouse. Over time we have collected quite a few vintage and modern machines for both pre-press, printing, and finishing services.  

Our Print Process